We are in the Market Since 2008 in UAE Market, having our Own Fleet of Cars and Chauffeurs.
Even the City is full of Normal Taxis and App hailing companies, no company have fix prices till your destination .We never compromise on your safety and High cars standards.
You can use of user friendly website. By email reservation@safeandfastlimo.com or call us +971 56 880 1979 or by WhatsApp +971 56 880 1979
Not at all, the price mentioned in our website inclusive Fuel, driver, Tax and all. How every Extra hours are paid as per agreed.
If any Problem occurs Our 24/7 customer service will provide you full information exact location Of our driver in any case.
Our lost property Department is open from 9:00 to 17:00, provide your journey details Or booking number we can resolve the issue as early as we can.
Safe & Luxurious

The cars available at Safe and Fast Tourism are top of the line in terms of quality and safety with ultimate luxury. Het neat and clean cars with experienced and professional chauffeur drivers.

Award Winning

Get the most comfortable, luxury and reliable transport services from the award winning transport company in Dubai, UAE. Sit back in style and enjoy your stay with us in United Arab Emirates.

Reasonable Price

No One can beat us at prices because we offer more affordable prices. The exotic and luxury cars on offer are available at competitive prices and you will get your money’s worth.

Book within Minutes

Our booking system is very simple, secure and reliable. You can book your required vehicles with us on a phone call, sending us your requirements in email or by filling quotation form on the website.

Luggage & Suite Cases

Luggage can be accommodated very safely and securely. You just need to inform us about your luggage bags and rest is our responsibility to make arrangments to bring your luggage safely.

Child Seats

Free child and baby booster seats are available. Please request child seats when booking your vehicle. Child seats will available on demand make sure to inform us about your requirements before booking.